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GeMIC documentary

GeMIC documentary from GeMIC project on Vimeo.

GeMIC documentary

GeMIC will produce a research documentary – to be released in late 2010. The documentary will be circulated in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Greece, and Spain and subtitled in their respective language.

You can participate in the making of this film on ‘Gender, Migration, and Intercultural Interaction” by sending us your videos here. We will incorporate and use selected material in the documentary.

GeMIC public event – Autonomy and education (part I)

GeMIC public event – Autonomy and Education (part II)

Sandro Mezzadra public lecture on April 16, 2010

Sandro Mezzadra – Movements and Struggles of Migration in a Postcolonial Europe.

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Judith Butler – From Performativity to Precarity

Video of Judith Butler’s lecture at Panteion University, 17 December 2009 (co-organised by GeMIC project)

Η Judith Bulter στο Πάντειο (Μέρος ΙΙ: Διάλεξη) from Re-public on Vimeo.

GeMIC Lecture – Ruba Salih on gender and intersectionality

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