Ge.M.IC. will focus on the intersections between gender and migration in the context of intercultural education, a considerably controversial area of socio-cultural development Education is understood as one of the main apparatuses and sites through which gendered national (cultural, religious, linguistic, ethnic) identities and histories are constructed and reproduced.

In this sense, education is a highly political and politicized field, both for natives and migrants alike. As research and practice have shown, the field of intercultural education presents many opportunities and challenges for anti-racist and anti-nationalist interventions, both at the level of curriculum development and educational applications as well as at the level of school and community relations. Ge.M.IC. will explore examples of intercultural educational projects, in order to identify achievements as well as problems with significance for future policy directions at national and European levels. The applicability of successful examples in different national and local contexts will be considered.


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