Publish your views

The blog section of the GeMIC website will be a collaborative effort. We invite all users to send their views on any of the material that the research team will publish or to share their personal experiences and opinions on any of the areas that the research project will touch upon. Users either send their articles/photos to

[email protected]

or attempt to publish it on their own by following the 5 next easy steps.

Become a registered user of by creating an account through the following link:

User registration

Registered users get access to a personal GeMIC dashboard from where they can upload their texts and photos which will be published in the blog section of the website.

User manual (after you have registered)

1. Enter your username and password at the login page.

2. You can insert/edit personal information at the profile page.

3. You can now write posts (texts, photos by clicking on the “write post” link.

4. Don’t forget to fill in the title field and to suggest some tags for your article.

5. Don’t forget to save your post. If you have managed to survive all this, your post will have now been saved and the administrator will publish it at the first available opportunity.